Saturday, June 02, 2007

CACS Benefit!

Ferry Building, Weir, Wass and Lane
Had a great time!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!
There was a problem locating a missing black shoe to go with my outfit. the shoe was located at the last possible minute (in the back of my car!?)
I threw pizza $$ on the table for the kids, dashed out the door , drove down the hill , parked and somehow made it to the train on time.
Scott was already at the SF station when I arrived. We drove down to the Ferry building and chose the nearest parking lot.
Wandered up to the line and into the Ferry building.

Ferry building is like a gigantic Covent Gardens type building. Uber clean. Shopping Mall ish.
Wasnt in the door more than 30 seconds before finding ourselves face to face with various Ratdog crewbies.
Everyone looking happy and relaxed.
The crew guys volunteered their time to work the event.

Scott and I pretty much grazed our way around the building. So many amazing food stations. All sorts of yumness.
And there were complimentary wines and exotic sodas- my favorite was the lavendar soda I made everyone I saw try it. yum!. I could go on and on about the foods and the wines. I drank a lot of wine. CACS supplied etched wine glasses that we could each keep as a souveneir. There were also espresso /coffee stations. And plenty of desserts. Participating restaurants/caterers included several of SF's trendiest-
Angeles Wine Agency
Belvedere Winery
Bi-Rite Creamery
Blue Bottle Coffee
Jim Dodge, Bon Appetit Management Company
Chow Restaurant
Citizen Cake
Coco 500
Crushpad Wine
DRY Soda
Hard Knox Cafe
Hog Island Oyster Company
Miette Patisserie
Recchiuti Confections
Siena Imports
Slow Club

At $45 bucks a ticket- the event was underpriced based just on the spread of fine foods. Amazing food & beverages!
Lots of goodies for the silent auction, but we heard that there would be autographed posters coming up to bid on after RD3's set.
While grazing about we ran into lots of friends and had many enjoyable chats. Nice to see folks dolled up - nice to be dressed like an adult for a change too- though I doubt I'll be making a habit of it.

The KFOG (They play Grateful Dead sometimes) morning DJ- Renee, was the auctioneer. She looks as good as she sounds.
By the end of the live auction, the areas surrounding the stage were getting really crowded. At last Bobby, Wass & Jay were on stage & playing! I didnt make it thru the first song- had to move to the side- I liked the view and the sound was just fine- though I was wondering before how the odd shape of the building would effect the acoustics.

Blackbird, Me and My Uncle, K.C. Moan, Victim or the Crime, Desolation Row, China Cat Sunflower, Even So.

Setlist seemed to be cut short so there would be time for the auctioning of the three sets of posters & disks.
Scott said he'd go for at one of the sets. First up was a poster we already have (2/14). He succeeded in obtaining set 2- St Patrick's Day dog from Penn's Peak.
As you can see, I didnt dilly dally when it came to having it up and hanging.

We hung out a little bit afterwards, then went to get our car from the lot.
Really pretty view of the Bay Bridge and a nice drive by all the touristy spots Pier 39 and the Wharf.
Friends, wine, foods, music, autographed poster and San Francisco, who could ask for anything more?.

Bobby's thoughts on Release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts club Band from an article found at
The Grateful Dead's Bob Weir has arguably the best story about hearing "Sgt. Pepper's" for the first time.
"The Grateful Dead was in New York," the 59-year-old vocalist-guitarist remembers. "It was right before the Monterey Pop Festival. We
were playing the Cafe au Go Go. We had a day off in the middle of that run. Somebody put together a little outing to Timothy Leary's house, so we all hopped into a bunch of cars and we went up there.
"Somebody had the new Beatles album. We listened to it, side one, side two. There was a moment of pause at the end of the last chord of the record, after which Timothy Leary said, 'Well, my work here is done.'"