Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bob Weir and RatDog and Keller Williams:

the July shows have all been processed. The
orders for Red Rocks, Santa Fe and San Diego
are in the mail. We will soon also finalize the
show at Councils Bluff, Iowa.

As for Atlanta: When we finally received our allotment
it turned out that we only had a few table seats and
very few box seats. Most tickets are in the terrace.
They seem to be in a decent location, and it's the
best we can do. All these orders are also in the mail.

We have bits and pieces of tickets left for various
of the July shows, particularly Boston and
Charlottesville. If you want to make a late run for
this tour, please email us so we can properly
advice as to availability. Email us at or call us: 415-898-2364

Be aware that we need to close any show about
10 days before its show date.
ABB/RatDog shows:

We will soon start processing these orders hoping to
have them all done by the later part of July. All orders
will be filled.

Tickets are available for all shows but for Camden,
as listed on our web site:
The post office has increased not only the fee for
a regular stamp, now at 41 Cents, but also starkly
increased fees for almost any other service,
so we need to adjust our fee for priority mail:
Domestic US Priority Mail: now $6.00
Canada: International Priority: $8.00.
The $1.00 for regular mail is still OK.
Europe and Japan: International Priority: $9.00

With our thanks to Butch from Tennessee for
covering all the 2 cent stamps.

The Crew of GDTSTOO
Happy Summer Solstice to all