Monday, February 19, 2007

Weir Home!

Wow! Mama-mama, many worlds I've come since I first left home!
I don't know where to begin?
Still need to complete the sweetest Valentine's day show ever.
I 'll get back to that after I recover from an amazing weekend.
I'm gonna sing you A hundred verses of ragtime.....

It was great to land in an almost sunny Seattle. I stayed at the Moore Hotel
which is directly next door to the Moore Theater which was the venue where Bobdog played.
Buses were already in place across the street when my cab pulled up. It was too early for me to check in but they let me leave my luggage at the desk (just one bag-could've done it all in a carry on, but the whole "gels in a ziploc" thing just too confusing for my poor little brain).

The hotel was kinda creepy but not very scary and to have it located one block from Pike's Market as well as next door to the venue was fantastic. I wandered down and spent a few hours and too much money at Pike's Market - it's lots of stalls of lots of stuff - not just fish or food (mmm plenty of foods) gift shops, international shops,crafts & antiques and well you could probably find a treasure or two for just about anyone in one of those shops.
I was getting tired feet after a few hours and headed back to the hotel- already a few regulars were lined up! I stopped to say hi and suppressed the urge to jump into line with them.

After resting in my big, clean but drafty room, I could hear folks and crowd noises below my windows - I could hear the buses (both visible from my floor) panting on & off all as well, I got myself back together and finally went downstairs to get in line. Already the line was around the corner. I had no problem selling my extra before I was even able to get in line.
My place in line turned out to be directly across from the band bus. Got to watch all the fellows, including the Bobstar coming and going. I met some sweet local folks ((Jon, Jeff & friends)) in line who gave me a mental blueprint of the GA Floor. God Forbid, I should miss getting my rail because I ran up the wrong

Though the hardcore rail freaks ((Tahoe Julie, Beth, Lee, Dick)) were far ahead of me in line, There was plenty of room next to them on the rail. I set myself up next to Tahoe Julie on the MK side of the stage.

The Moore was a nice looking old theater, small but with two floors of balconies. Some folks set up in what looked like side balconies- wouldnt be a bad view from up there at all.
February 17, 2007
Moore Theater
Seattle, WA.

Set 1
Jam>Shakedown Street
Baby Blue
Ramble on Rose
Tuesday Blues
Last Time
She Says
Eyes of the World

I didnt buy the sbds yet so can't remember more than it was a great start to a wonderful night.
I squeezed into the lobby to poke around but it was just too brutal. I mushed myself back down to the rail and had fun schmoozing with my fellow railies. Onward to set 2, which was simply amazing!
See that dog star shine!!

Set 2-
Jack a roe
A-11!!!!!!!!!!!!<- I love the country tunes:O) :O)
The Weight
Lost Sailor> Saint<-----one of THE BEST Saints I ever heard.
He's Gone
Wharfrat<- with a freakin Bagpipe player! Awesome!
OMSN<- Can't get enough Saturday nights!

E: US Blues<- Crazy high energy

There just arent enough adverbs around to describe the high energy of this show! Rocked out.
Later, in Vancouver, Scott told me our travel buddy "Saint of Circumstance" from the Eurodog tour (2002) had called our house at just about the same time I was listening to Saint (it was about the best Saint I'd ever heard too) at the Moore. Saint was calling to tell us he's getting married! Congratulations Saint!!!

My Strange Heroes lead me on.....

Canada Is the 6th country I've been to for a Ratdog show (counting my native USA).

After a crazy night in Seattle, I awoke, shoved my stuff in the suitcase, checked out and caught a taxi for the Amtrak station.
I was, of course, an hour early, never the less, the bus driver stashed my luggage for me and I went up the block to Zeitgeist Cafe and bought treats for the ride, then brought back a steaming hot cup of coffee for the driver. He let board and after a bit, the other passengers and finally Mazzy showed up. There were only 12 people aboard this huge bus!
Lots of trees, pretty farms and water for about 2 hours and then a 10 minute stop at a duty free shop.
A few minutes of driving, then we all file off our bus and into the Customs building at the border. I find my good old purple suitcase and schlep it to the agent.
She asks a few questions
"Have you ever been ARRESTED!?"
"Uh no"
"Are YOU sure? YOU'VE never stood before a judge?? NEVER had a traffic violation????"
"Uh, uH,uh- I HAVE stood before a judge to get a divorce and yes, I've had a few tickets but NO, I've never been ARRESTED!"
GEEZ! Well, at least I got a smirk out of her before she scanned my passport and wished me a nice visit to Canada.
Most folks went right back on the bus, I waited outside for Mazzy- hoping we could get pictures taken of ourselves with the Canadian flag and border in the background.
I waited, waited, waited, got cold and went on the bus, where we all waited for Mazzy.
Just as I was starting to get concerned, Mazzy was heading up the steps of the bus. I guess Maz was the 1 out of 12 that got the major border crossing grilling. I felt for him, once I was that 1 in 12 who got special attention at a border. Except in my case, the border patrol tore my backpack and other belongings apart in front of all my fellow travellers and pretty much scared the begeezus out of me (never laugh or giggle at the Italian/Swiss Border).

Once in Canada, there was another hour or so of riding. At some point, what looked like OZ sparkled in the distance- it was a string of cities- clusters of skyscrapers and endless buildings. Hovering right behind the endless skyline were huge mountains and I was sorry I didnt know what the name of the mountain range was- I still don't know- everyone I asked gave me a different answer- Grouse mtn? Whistler mtns? I dunno?

Finally we arrived at the Vancouver station. Our first mission was to get some Canadian dinero and then we shared a cab.
On the way to the hotel, we saw a tiny bit of the great Chinese New Year parade down a side street. My hotel was closer- right on Granville St. Just 2 blocks from the venue. I waved bye bye to Maz and then checked in. Lasted about 3 minutes in my hotel room, then ventured out to see where the venue was.
Granville Street looked a lot like parts of Market Street in SF. There were tons of tattoo/piercing salons, falafel shops and edgy clothing stores that wouldve sent my 15 year old into a shopping frenzy-had she been there.
Tahoe Julie was already in line by the time I made it past a number of other night clubs and theaters. I held her space while she took a break. When she returned, I had seen enough of Granville street passers by and headed back down towards my hotel, stopping for a schwarma (you know I couldnt resist!) hoping Scott would be around by the time, I got to the hotel.
He wasnt in yet, I got comfortable, read for about an hour and just as I got to the last page- in he walked!
I freshened up as Scott unwound a little and we were off to discover what was up in Vancouver!
We poked through some of the shops, couldnt find what we were looking for. We checked out the line situation- Maybe 10 folks- all the regular line leaders who could make it across the border were there. Someone was able to direct Scott to some of the shops he was looking for, so he went on. I was anxious to get ready for the show so I returned to the hotel and retrieved the tix- then back up the 2 long blocks where the line had tripled in length. Soon enough, Scott turned up.
Again, once inside the venue, ample space available in the front. We chose the area in front of Jeff. Soon enough, Mazzy joined us-though he had a Photog pass, so wouldnt be back til after he used up his quota of "Pit" time. Glinda found us also- Glinda we met (((Scott, me, Mazzy, Haze,Arrow & Rob))) back in 2001 at the Portland Roseland show (such a good show it was sold: LIVE @ Roseland- long before they started selling live via Munck)
Just got the sbds from Munck (thank you rlappi for the heads up!)
~Longish jam which turns into A delicious Golden Road!!!!!
Come and join the party everyday!
I wish!
~ Without missing a beat the band slithers into a flowing Watchtower. It's incredible!
can't listen to it without some piece of my body dancing along.
~ Memphis Blues!!! Who wasnt singing along? oH, MAMA!
~ OH BOY! Knew right off the next tune was LLR! What redblooded Chica wouldnt want to be on the rail, spitting distance for this! It was dreamy and fabulous and the show couldve ended right after that and I wouldve been totally fulfilled.
I'm glad it didnt end- just sayin...
~ I was taken by surprise by the Fly Away that came next! Outstanding...great flourishes...these boys are so good!
~ Next up: Bury me standing! Which was followed by Greatest Story. which was followed by.....
that's right- the Women Smarter!! Lots of fun!!
~KC Moan and Me and Bobby McGee made me incredibly happy.
The show was absolutely amazing!
more coming soon, really!