Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bobby & Jeff last night @ the Sweetwater!!

Nice blogger review of Ratdog @!!
I didnt make it but Mazzy did-

"Mazzy! - Feb 25, 2007 11:13 am (#6494 Total: 6494)
.............. see that Dog Star shine!


What a sweet show at the Sweetwater. "Pat Nevins Ragged Glory" was a Neil Young Tribute.... very good. Motorcycle Mama, Comes A Time, Unknown Legend, Lookout Joe, etc... "Grapefruit ed" with Stu Allen played a few tunes, and then Jelly, augmented with Stu Allen, and featuring keyboardist Jeff Chimenti played an epic set of Grateful Dead classics.. UJB, Scarlet>Fire, Shakdown Street, Deep Elem Blues, Lovelight encore.

Weir sat in for Aiko-Aiko, Truckin' and Good Lovin. It was GREAT, we ate it up. Bob played his old sunburst Gibson ES-335 from back in the day. All his usual axes are in route to the East Coast for the tour. What a treat."

My aspiring film maker daughter,Sash made a youtube of clips from when my family went to Maui last December.
It starts off with my older son Jason (tall, dark & handsome)then moves onto my parents apparently having a disagreement about groceries- my brother (base ball hat) and his girlfriend look on. Noah (my other son) seems to be tormenting my niece Lucy (little girl) I think Will (my nephew) is in there somewhere also my sister Alexis. My bil Chris is making a toast then there's the traditional NYE Fireworks on the beach.