Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lucky me! Walknbluez posted this review of last night's show and has given me permission to repost it here! Pretty much describes my impression of the show!

My Fillmore review of 2/14/07
By Walknbluez
Ok I'll go into some detail if ya can stand it. So we drive from Sacramento to San Francisco. Luckily my friend Andy was driving so it was me, him and my wife. We arrive at the fillmore at about 7:30 and find a spot. The Fillmore is such a great "security" to speak of, not a bad spot in the house, these cool chandeliers that look purple when the lighting is shining on them, great sound and free apples.

While waiting for the dog, I noticed some hotties nearby but I'm married so I'm just lookin'. One was right next to us, had a ring on her finger, but was there by herself, but dayum! she was hawt!

Drank a beer, then Ratdog came out.

Feel Like a Stranger started off slow but not slow as in "yawn" slow, slow as in deliberate slow, tight. Then Maggie's Farm. We had a dog named Maggie, a little white cockapoo who has since died , that used to sit in our living room while we played the Dead and she would always sit there with her little mouth open, panting slightly. Her head would bob up and down ever so slightly and it looked like she was panting to the beat. You can see her here ------> So this song is always fun for us to hear. Again, not rushed and tight.

Rumors on the main board were that Bob said one night when in Southern CA that they would save Mission for SF. Being that the Mission district is in SF, It was cool to hear this, I think the Dead only did it a few times in 1976.

Josephine was fun. So far everything enjoyable but nothing that is blowin your socks off. Just tight, well played etc. Like an 8 on a scale of 1-10 (I don't know whats up with me and that scale today).

Then they bust into a rockin Brown Eyed Women. Nailed it hard. Band kicked in on all cylinders. You know that drum beat I'm talkin about. When the music plays the band. Now it was grinning time. Chimenti tearin it up on keys. Karan - sweet guitar playing.

Then into Odessa and Kenny blowin his horn away. I like the horn on this song by the way.

Then Dark Star and I thought to myself "Self", "I know everybody likes Dark Star but I'm seeing this as a yawner unless its played stellarly". Then I start getting a little bit of a trip going on in my head. You see, my wife is trying to get pregnant and so wasn't smokin any wacky tobacky. I took a few tokes and then started to worry about my "swimmers" and so I had a small head trip goin on. I told me wife about this and she rubbed my arm, reassured me it was ok, and I was back to the show.

Dark Star had some really mind melting moments. There was some craziness going on is all I can tell you! Interplay between Kenny and Karan was great.

Then Big RR Blues to close out the first set. Great harmonies. And it was tight, energetic, and powerful! One of those things when you see it on paper it doesn't look like much but in person at the end of the song you're like "holy smokes, that was hot!"

By the way, the entire time there is a big screen behind them and on the side with images and clips playing. First time I've seen this with Ratdog and it was way cool.

During intermission, they played the old classic Looney Tunes cartoons (no sound) but it was funny watching Bugs, Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner etc. Watchin Coyote trying to get Road Runner with his traps and jet powered sneakers.... Oh, that hot chick I was telling you about.....She was next to us writing down the setlist after each song but I peeked over and not sure she knew the songs too well, instead of writing "Josephine" she wrote "Rock and Roll with you" but the best part was when she was sitting down at intermission you could see her "coin slot"....ok anyway I digress.

Set II, they come out and Bob does My Funny Valentine, no guitar, mike in hand, hand in pocket. Looked almost like karaoke!. There is a post on the board which has the video.
It really looked like he was singing it to his wife or something and he was able to hit the notes real well.

Then into Lazy River Road. My friend Andy whispers to me "pretty mellow set" and I said "I think they're just starting out with some acoustic stuff". Robin was on upright bass, Bobby on acoustic. Nicely played, reminded me of Jerry. I don't have a lot of live versions of this song anywhere except for the box set and maybe a tape or two and who knows where they are so I asked my wife "After that hot first set, should we get the CD of tonight's show?". While watching Bob I thought of all the post space Jerry Ballads, with the lights in the background and heartfelt lyrics and this seeing Bob there sing this was great.

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall.....starts out mellow. My friend starting to like it though because, well, its Dylan. Then kicks in with the "And it's a hard it's a hard it's a hard it's a hard, It's a hard gonna fall!!".

Then, great surprise! Bust out of They love each other! Sweet I tell you. Great harmonies by these guys. Also this is the song that was played at our wedding when they introduced the bride and groom (me and my wife) so it was especially "special" to hear this for the first time by Ratdog.

Silvio was right on the money and got everyone dancing. I know alot of people are tired of hearing this song (I've heard) but I never heard it live and I thought it was rockin and so I was havin a good time. Then the tequila part and Jay Lane was on it with the crash symbols. "da da da daaaaaaaa da , da da da daaaaaaaa da da da da daaaaaaa da , da da da da da da DA "TEQUILA!" Good times! Back into Silvio, back into Tequila.....great horn playing by Kenny, back into Silvio.

Then, along comes a little tap on the shoulder, sneakin' up on you. A slow and slinky West LA. There was something making it slinkier.....and I'm lovin it! What was it?....oh yes, I see DJ Teeko up there. I think this is Jay Lane's buddy and part of Alphabet Soup? It was subtle. Then it started to morph and it went some places that were out know to the point where its not even West LA anymore, then Bob brought it was tight and it was powerful....great bass playing by Robin.

Scarlet Begonias fired on all cylinders and DJ Teeko stayed in with the guys. Bob left the stage and they did some "Stuff" which, if anyone was trippin', would send you elsewhere.

Sugaree had to be one of the highlights of the second set. It went to peaks and pinnacles that were just out of bounds, then round and round again, ensemble style, and more peaks and pinnacles, until you just about can't take no more, and boom, that quite moment right after the storm. I I broke out in a sweat! Back into Dark Star for some more morphing. I was like c'mon guys give my mind a break! and bam.....

Sugar Mags! YAY!!!! But it was one of those beginnings of a sugar mags where you're not quite sure if they're going to hit it. C'mon guys I'm rootin for ya! And right after the first verse, they kicked in (no not anything I ate, the band kicked in!). That, folks, is where they proceeded to burn the house down. A Sugar Mags that could go up against any Sugar Magnolia you've seen in the know the ones I'm talkin about. They're goin and goin and I'm wondering if we're gonna get a "HAH!" from Bob.....sometimes you get an obligatory "HAH!!" and sometimes you get a "HAH!!" that is just beyond his control. Well this one was one of those and every time he yelled out a "HAH!!" the house lights went up for that brief moment and he did like 4 or 5 of em. Of course we got the whole kit and kaboodle including Sunshine Daydream and that just about sapped every last ounce out of me!

And, just like times of past, a sweet Brokedown to send us on our way -
"Fare you well, fare you well, I love you more than words can tell
Listen to the river sing sweet songs, To rock my soul
Wont'cha listen to the river sing sweet songs
To rock my soul"

My wife turns to me and says "I guess that answers whether we should get the CD of tonight's show"

Good times!

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