Tuesday, February 06, 2007

JDarks on location with Jack Straw!

Great little read about one couple's GD inspired move to SF at http://beadsandvincent.blogspot.com/2007/02/estimated-prophet.html
And on another blog, a couple are looking forward to Ratdog in Vegas! Click here to read

Looks like the weekend of April 20, is going to be full of fun
First, there's Jememiah Puddleduck at Sweetwater on 4/20!!!
On the 21st- there's this big gig - I received the following info from
Drummer Girl on my space. Here Goes:
This is a 3 bill show that you do not want to miss, so PLEASE mark your calenders now!!

Uptown night club in downtown Oakland on April 21st. 1928 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

Band of Brotherz
Alphabet Soup
4 one Funk

4 one Funk is a very reputable group compiled of 4 DJ's mixing hip hop, and funk. They have a very large following in San Francisco, and are also heading out on a West Coast tour as we speak. www.4onefunk.com or www.myspace.com/fouronefunk if you would like to check them out.

Alphabet Soup began in the mid 90's when jazz hip hop was making it's scene known. They had a video that had commercial play, and toured nationwide as well. Three of the members are currently in Ratdog (Bob Weir/Grateful dead). www.myspace.com/alphabetsoup

And of course the Band of Brotherz. Consisting of the Orally Transmitted Teachings of Vocalist/Producer Zachariah Mose (The Ironmonk), Guru and Prophet of Golden Baboon Studios, The Band of Brotherz is a Underground Music Kollective founded with members of ..90..s San Francisco Hip Hop Jazz Pioneers Alphabet Soup, Les Claypool(Primus)..s Fancy Band, and Bob Weir(Grateful Dead)..s Ratdog.

We propose to Unite all Mystical Kultural Traditions into One Synchronous Rhythmic, Orgasmic Synergistic Whole. Together with fellow Konspirator/Rapper Chris Burger (Charlie Bravo), Badass Drummer/Marijuana Activist Jay Lane (Jungle Lingo), Rebel Poet/Zen Master Michael Blake (Mystic Mon), and Legendary Oakland Rapper, Kingpin Rowe, we use Transcendental Psycho Linguistic Magnetism to Overthrow the State-Us-Quo.

I'll be sending reminders to all of you before April. The Brotherz all need our support for their teachings be heard and unite, so please make it a priority to be there.