Saturday, February 03, 2007


I wish I was going to be able to help out but a child needs me to stick around the homefront today. I'll be listening and PLEDGING and so should You! Not only are you supporting a longtime GD related tradition (DG's been bringing it to us long before we had our computers & podcasts) and public radio but there are also a slew of kind offering of premium gifts for your donation..
Where to tune in -either on the airwaves or the net can be found at

Tiny Dancer posted this tantalizing item wrt marathon content:

Tiny Dancer - Jan 29, 2007 11:36 am
The Best Bobby Show 4-28-86

I believe that David Gans is mastering my favorite Bobby show Time For A Friend, which was a benefit for a BGP employee at Wolfgang's in SF which he emceed, to play much of on the KPFA Marathon on Saturday. There's a lot of different reasons why it's the best Bobby solo show. JGB played down the street the same night so the place was pretty empty. He played about 4 different kinds of music that night. He sang cowboy songs with David Nelson and Tom Stern. He crooned Misty and Fever and Twilight Time- all for the first time ever- a la Tony Bennett with the Whitey Melvin Quartet. He did one of the rockingest Winners and City Girls I've ever heard with Kingfish, and a short solo acoustic set with Desolation Row by audience request, which the GD had just added to their repertoire a month earlier and he'd never played solo before.

KPFA Grateful Dead Marathon airs Sat. Feb. 3rd from 10 am- 1 am PST on or I have no idea when the 4-28-86 portion is going to be aired or how much. Listen and Please donate if you can.