Monday, February 05, 2007

Hello Puppies!
Hope everyone had a great weekend?!
I was sorry not to be at KPFA
but followed along as often as I could and pledged once for myself and
once for Scott. As I mentioned before, my 15 year old daughter, Sasha,
needed me to transport her all around as she was assigned to
participate in a high school trivia hunt through various local
I had just made a pledge when I was summoned to schlep Sasha from one library to another.
We were driving along, she noticed the radio was on instead of the usual Ratdog CD (It's actually stuck in my car cd player-has been for about a month but anyhoo-)

Sasha: What's up with all the Grateful Dead music on the radio?
Me: You know that station, that has that marathon every year- that Kem & I go to? The marathon is today. I'd be there but uh...
Sash: oh, Sorry..
Me: I'll do it next least I can listen to it in the car.
David Gans is talking about the setlist or something

Sash: So, like, do you know this guy who is talking?
Me: Sure I do! That's David, he's also a musician and a writer and an authority on the GD!
Sash: Does he know you?
Me: I think so!

At this point, David is starting to thank the folks who have made pledges and with the most exqusite timing,
David is saying something over the airwaves that sounds like

"Irenie-is a fine Human Being!"

Sasha: Mom!
Me: ..And you thought all my friends were imaginary!

................THANKS DAVID GANS!!!!..............................