Friday, January 19, 2007

What fun!
Missed Bobby- reportedly ill ((Senor!))
MK & friends did a great job- we had a blast!
(((MK singing Lovelight & Like a Rolling Stone-with a Rolling Stone!)))
There were notes up that said the event was videotaped to be released as a webcast in Feb!

Evening began with a buffet which was more of a dinner than appetizers. Then lots of stuff were autioned off. The most tempting item was Janis Joplin's self portrait, which went for only $800. There was a sldeshow and then one of the Blue Star Music camp scholarship girls came out and started the mousic off with a song. I don't have a setlist nearby. Lots of rocking! I danced until I got too sweaty (Reminder to self: No more wearing Velvet schmatas to music events!)

Bimbo's is an awesome venue!!! Everyone got hats, posters and heart shaped scented things (room freshners? soap?) Not sure what they are- havent taken the thing out of it's silky wrapper. Saw lots of friends last night, made a few new ones and am even more excited for my end of the West Coast run to start! !!!!!!!!

And here's a new link to go check out!
I still havent found out why I cant add new links to my blogroll?

Glowy is still here and we have stuff to do!