Wednesday, January 10, 2007

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Why the Grateful Dead Turned Out for Pelosi

Certainly the most notable celebrity presence in last week's festivities for Nancy Pelosi had to be the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir.

The guitarist, along with bandmate Mickey Hart, played a show in honor of the new Speaker of the House, a fellow San Franciscan.

On Jan. 3, the duo stopped into a D.C. fete hosted by California congressional sisters Linda and Loretta Sanchez. While standing next to the dessert table, which sported a vanilla cake replica of the Capitol Building, Weir responded to a dare, leaning over and taking a big bite out of the dome.

“Didn’t use any hands, either,” Weir said later.

Pelosi has known the band “a long time,” he added, “and like all politicians, she can use all the help she can get. But the band is behind her politics all the way.”

Of the Dems reclaiming control of Congress, drummer Hart said: “We feel proud. Well, maybe. We have to see what they do.”

After all, as he acknowledged about politics over the last few years: What a long, strange trip it’s been.

“Indeed," Hart said. “But it could get stranger.”

Which may be why Weir, asked how he was enjoying his visit, said, “Can’t wait to get out of here.”
---By William Triplett in Washington.
What a crazy day! Scott had eye surgery and right before that, I got called from the high school nurse's office that they were sending Sash home until her immunization records were updated. I said,"Fine, send her home!" For whatever reason- they sent her back to class instead. I'm feeling good- Paul, the contractor was here measuring and getting ready to pull everything apart.
After surgery @ Stanford Medical center, we waited around for the meds and raced home. Scott got some goooood meds which further disabled him. I ran Sash to get her immunization stuff updated (or she can't return to school!) then hit Molly Stone's to find food for dinner. I'm just now winding down. I'll poke around see if anyone has news about that booksigning thing from yesterday. Someone told me the Ratdog at the Fillmore show is sssssssold out!
This is excellent news for us Hometown dogs! Woofin'!!!!

"Don't tell me this town aint't got no heart!"

This article on Keller Williams mentions that Bobby is playing on a new cd.