Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday, Monday

A new Bobby & Ratdog article

YAY! Scotto's home from The Cup!
Amsterdam was cold.
He couldve made his own reservations and just bought the Judge's pass outright.
He prefers the Leidesplein to the Dam Square area..
Aside from that, he had a great time!
Though, I'm sure he wouldve missed me after another day or two or hundred,
The Judge pass got him a goodie bag full of tee shirts and stuff that came in useful during his 4 day coffeeshop crawl. Some cute souveneirs too. Oh, There were parties, too. I am very jealous that Scott got a set from Patti Smith (Because The Night,People have the Power were played or so Scott thinks he heard them) at the opening party/ concert at The Melkweg (not the Oude Hall where Ratdog played but the other room there) and told me that Patti was hanging out afterwards too. He was probably too scared to talk to the witchy one but I wouldnt have been. I would cower in a corner (my usual routine) if it were the Bobstar.. but... Patti Smith!!!!!, I would so much want to chat with Patti Smith!!!!!!