Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Happy Bertha Mikie B!

One of best looking Deadheads I ever knew. Wouldnt ordinarily say that but Mikie enjoys hearing it. Don'tcha big boy? Mikie was invited backstage with Scott and I to see/meet the Bobstar one NYE many moons ago. It was awesome, though I was so nervous I literally couldnt speak-it was like a nightmare really...mouth frozen in a smiling position.. Bobstar was as patient as one could hope for but Mikie teased me the whole ride home. So Mikie, if youre reading this- are ya married yet? ;op

Bridge Review here
Anyone else out there doing the nanowrimo thing?
I'm about to introduce my 5th and 6th charactors. and I'm on my second setting..hey-hey-hey!
It's coming along surprisingly easily...the goal is to write a 50,000 word novel by the end of if I'm slacking here- it's just a temporary thing. The nanowrimo is useful in taking my mind off the fact that there is still no announcement of a Bay Area Ratdog show..Heck, not even a fundraiser coming up..and let's just not speak of NYE (my bertha)...Shhh, don't speak of it!

Do you remember your first tie dye tee shirt?
This was taken around the time 'Festival Express" was happening...

That's how tie dyes used to look in the 70's. I think I was around Sasha's age in this picture. Hadnt seen it in a long time but it recently turned up as a book mark in an old journal I was harvesting for my latest excursion into literature...The other person in the picture is my mother- she was helping me get ready to go out by straightening my hair with hot rollers. I probably ended up somewhere in the city and my hair likely kinked out halfway through the night. Dem were da daze..