Wednesday, July 20, 2005


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Irenie stuff-
Home almost a week now...Travel journal coming soon to those actually interested in our vacation...Might be helpful to those considering taking older kids across the ocean..Except for about 15 minutes in Volendam, we had a wonderful time...
Of course, I might just continue to refer to the events here in spurts and save everyone the trouble of looking at paragraphs & paragraphs all at once..

Only (according to Chez) 16 days til JGBB and just a little over a week til Bobby & MK A GAMH!
It's becoming a rather spectacular Summer!

Very cool! Amatt from RDUK Tour of 2003, was in town and popped into the shop to check out guitars. I dont know who recognized who but it was a pleasant surprise!
Maybe I'll run into him myself when the kids nd I BART up to SF this Friday? We'll be wandering toward the Haight and Noah wants to go back to Union Square...followed by dinner at Tommasso's.
I love LOVE love Summer vacation!!

Reminds me- we ran into my parents closest friends (Judy & Jack) at Heathrow!
Heathrow is HUGE - even the International Terminal is monstrous- like a big shopping mall - with a caviar bar and jewelery stores...and packed with travellers from every country...To run into anyone by design could be tricky let alone having a chance meeting with old friends!
When I was between Mr. irenies, my mom, Judy, my friend Leslie and I went to Paris for a week. Leslie and I fooled around in the Left Bank, ate shawarma and made daily visits to Shakespeare & Co. bookstore while Judy and my mom took on shopping on the Champs D'Elyssae (okay I forget how that's spelled). Mom & Judy went every year to shop- not only for themselves but had lists of items wanted by friends who trusted their taste(true, either lady wouldve made a Killer personal shopper).
Already that was a long -long time ago!

Judy and Jack moved down to Las Vegas or Palm Springs..somewhere like that to play golf, so it was actually great to see them and for them to see my younger kids.
My parents were tickled pink to hear we saw them..