Monday, July 25, 2005

Hippy Berthaday ((((TRINKS)))!!

Weirever you are- I hope it's a GREAT day!
Thanks to Tiny Dancer for finding the most excellent Bobstar interview!!
It's in Relix..I checked out the Rex website and there are all kinds of good reading matter there so take a link
to the whole site and have a look!
Crazy busy here! Felt as though I spent 2 entire daze on the phone with trying to get some help and also had a big problem with a set of tix from Travelocity- so many hours trying to talk to a living breathing person...the ones I did get through to passed the buck and so I guess I'm still waiting for someone to return a call....Then there's this whole thing with getting braces on one of the kids...ex-rays and molds and I have had to cancell out on seeing my mom twice now....
whine whine whine
But, next week I'll be flying Red Eye (unless Travelocity fugged up those tix too) to New Jersey and travelling on to JGBB!!!
sometime this week there will be Kenny Brooks -if I can get my hausfrau stuff together I may be able to slither over to Stanford or wherever he might be performing.
Friday night is the Chet Helms deal!
Adrian, who works part time at the shop with Scott, is friends with Chet's brother and will be going. Adrian is a pretty cool guy- paints,bikes everywhere, he is from Holland, but has lived in SF since the 60's where he owned an antique store with Chet's brother and played in a band with Rob Wasserman (The Bourbon Street Irregulars) Adrian was the drummer..A fact which didnt come out til Scott found a copy of that band's album which the Wass so kindly signed for us!