Saturday, July 30, 2005


The poster pack!

An amazing night!
We began around 11 am when I snagged a ride to Millbrae BART from Vera- Q of Ds! We got off at Civic Center and in just a few minutes we were in front of GAMH..Hoping the BO would be open and have a stash of tix available...but nope not open and already a few folks anxious to nab any ticket that might become available..Already the ticket line duty was on! Though several usual suspects werent around-probably theyre on the way to jgbb.....Wandering around the front was Hippie Bill (I scored my hugs- I love Bill! I don't think we'll see him in W.Va though-wah!). V & I grabbed lunch at Mel's Diner (yum) on Van Ness then headed back to see what was what at GAMH.
I hung around for a little while, getting to watch different musicians wander in. I saw Paul Kantnor- it gave me shivers! And briefly saw M & MK as they got to work...Various familiar faces came by- red carpet GAMH style!
I've never seen so many older people looking for tix!
I left Vera among her line duty friends to head back to BART and go down to the Mission...I felt sticky and decided to head over to my favorite clothing place- the Cut Loose Outlet. I found a blue blouse which fit and made me happy..then back to meet Scott at the apt behind the shop. We got ourselves together and whipped over to the Alley we like to park in. The Online will call line was short and efficient and we thank Paulyy for steering us there! We each received a ticket and a lammie, then got in the big line. Familiar faces popped up everywhere..Including the Bobstar's as he was making his way to his car. He looks fit as a fiddle too! We chatted with a couple behind us from FLA. They were stoked that this was happening while they were in town for other reasons-Mazel Tov to them-they said they were going to Tahoe to get married after the show.
Scott was really happy for many reasons -but partly because he had been visited earlier in the day by a musician he knew via his work..This musician had made it, then got swallowed up by personal demons - but now is clean and on a career rebound! S. was touched the fellow went by the shop just to see him & catch up.It was a thrill to see that cat back on stage later at GAMH!
A few of the musicians on stage through the night Scott knew from selling or buying instruments over the years...

There was so much going on inside the GAMH. that I think I'll need to wait til someone puts together a set list or 3 or 5..Musicians & Music galore and every set was fabulous in it's own way and of course, my favorite moments were when Bobby was singing. I had the best group of folks around me! Big tall huge men that pushed me in front of them when Bobby came out! And these guys were so sturdy that they basically lifted up and moved wedgers along.. We were about 4 rows from stage- right in the center! I didnt realize til later on that I was having a wardrobe malfunction - my pretty blue blouse unbuttoned itself right down to my navel- but I doubt anyone noticed as the incredibly exotic and beautiful Caroline in the shimmery gown was dancing next to me...
Bobby sounded perfect..And played more than I guessed he would be able because there were so many musicians there! My favorites were
Ashes & Glass and She belongs to me.
I have a line from Ashes and Glass as my DNC tagline- I put it up days ago..Most of the music til then were 60's songs so Ashes and Glass was a bit of a surprise and it made me think of London.
'She Belongs to me' is a favorite and I love you Bobby for that one!
I think it was FOTD that Bobby sang in a new way...
Deal was great!
Was that the song that MK just went insane on?
I didnt expect to see Robin Silvester on stage but YAY! He was there with MK (orange Gretsch!) & Bobby!
A few quick notes because I've gotta attend to los bambinos today- they want to go to the bookstore.
Wavy looks great too- a beard (he joked that folks were now confusing him with Bobby) and slimming down! At one point Wavy was dressed as a giant whoppee cushion! I'll be seeing him in a few weeks when we go to retrieve Sash from camp.
Merl Saunders is a hero! He was on stage and played a whole tune..I love you Merl!
MATT KELLY played too-with MK, Bobby & Robin! He still looking so boyish too!
The Holding Company knocked our socks off! The woman who does the Janis songs was amazing...oh yeah!
it was a great night and a fitting tribute to the life of (((((Chet Helms))))))

Here is a list of 26 of musicians who were playing last night- not a complete list of every musician who played though (Merl Saunders & Matt Kelly are 2 that I know arent on this list)

Peter Albin – Big Brother & The Holding Company
Greg Anton – Zero
T Bone Burnett – Bob Dylan, and countless others
Mario Cipollina – Huey Lewis And The News, Soundhole
Greg Douglass – Country Weather, Terry & The Pirates, Steve Miller
Naomi Ruth Eisenberg – Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks
David Freiberg – Quicksilver Messenger Service
David Getz – Big Brother & The Holding Company
Wavy Gravy – Hippie Activist Clown
Terry Haggerty – Sons Of Champlin
Paul Kantner - Jefferson Airplane/Starship
Mark Karan – The Other Ones, Rat Dog
Rich Kirch – John Lee Hooker Band, Billy C Farlow
Mickey Hart – Grateful Dead
Country Joe McDonald – Country Joe & The Fish
Kathi McDonald – Big Brother & The Holding Company
David Nelson – New Riders Of The Purple Sage
Prairie Prince – Tubes, Tommy Bolin, Jefferson Starship
Jimmy Sanchez – Kingfish, David Nelson Band, Boz Scaggs
Pete Sears – Jefferson Starship, Rod Stewart, John Cipollina
Barry Sless – David Nelson Band, J.C. Flyer
Leigh Stephens – Blue Cheer
Robin Sylvester – Rory Gallagher, Marty Balin Band, Steve Douglas
Bobby Vega – Zero, Problem Child
Bob Weir – Grateful Dead
Narada Michael Walden – Everybody