Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Drive by Blog...

My ticket to the Jerry Bash arrived today!
And without much planning, Kems and I found ourselves at Stanford University last night...After a bit of searching we even located the Kenny gig!
Stanford campus is really close to Belmont and Kemmie lives on the way- we don't even have to get on a freeway to get there...In 1982 I took some classes there and loved that campus!
We eventually found Braun Hall and the Cambell Theater- which is small with lovely acoustics..We made it by the second set which was fantastic! We especially enjoyed an original (tune?) called Weapons of Maniacal Destruction..The sextet including Kenny were all dynamite! I have the program but it's downstairs (sorry I'm lazy!)
Anyhow- Anyone in the city this weekend might contemplate having some dinner on Columbus and then popping over to Jazz at Pearls to check out Kenny & some of these Jazz cats he'll be playing with..I think they'll be there Friday AND Saturday!