Friday, July 15, 2005

Home Again

Had a good time!
Already working on a AMS-Volendam-London-Oxford review.

The short version:
Virgin Atlantic definately the way to go!
Even if my suitcase didnt make it home just yet- it's our fault for being late for the plane. My case with all the goodies in it, was of course, the only one left behind..
Just 10 hours non stop - it will take me a few more hrs than that with 2 flights just to get to the east coast next month for jgbb.

Vacation Pictures coming soon too
Even more than we thought we would end up with because the camera we lost was located -They are sending it to us (((3 Big Cheers for "The Best of Holland Excursions-Volendam"))) they found it on the bus that we missed our ride back to Amsterdam on (not our finest hour, I will admit)...Til that point Sasha had been doing all the Holland photos with our Olympus...I did all the London/Oxford photos with my trusty old Kodak...Scott dealt with the digicam...much downloading in the near future..

Had gone online in Amsterdam-once to check in with homefront- while I had extra minutes, I checked into Deadnet and saw the announcement about the Chet fest so ordered tix right from the Bulldog Coffeeshop. Lucky I did because that show is now sold out!

Okay, so aside from a nearly missed plane, a missed excursion bus, a lost camera and some momentary concern about continuing/returning on to London (We had arrived into Heathrow on the 4th but left the same day for Amsterdam)..Everything went very smoothly...
This is the Wellington Arch...The statue depicts Peace descending on the chariot of war...

An ad posted on the wall of the idea what it means but we liked it!