Saturday, June 10, 2006

When in doubt, Go to the show.

I'll be adding to this as the memories come seeping back.

When we first heard of Ratdog playing at the Harmony faire, it seemed really unlikely that we could work out going. Santa Rosa is a few hours away and you have to creep through one of the most congested commuter traffic zones to get there. And we'd be going after work, on a Friday. Then, there was a concern about getting home so late- Scott works Saturdays. He is one person who really has to have his 8 -10 hours of sleep. But, somewhere along Wednesday night, Scotto and I decided screw everything, it's been a rough couple of weeks here in our offline world.
We were going!
I boarded the 4:38 train from my town to go to SF. Fun to be onboard with a big group of Giants fans. The Ball Park (SBC? Pac BEll? I forget what the current name of SF'S lovely ballpark is).
Scotto met me at the station and we sped across SF to cross the great Golden Gate bridge. Didnt hit the bumper to bumper til we got to San Rafael. We were able to hear 2/3 of the 4/7/06 Beacon show on our way. Took about 2 1/2 hrs to reach the fairgrounds from SF.
Immediately in the will call line, we found ((Kemmie, Rose & Sid)))! The line took forever. Then we had to trek around the block to go in through the entry.
Once in the gate, we could tell it was a cool looking fair- lots of stuff, though I went directly in search of Grace Pavillion, while Scotto went to find something to eat.
There was a bit of a line to get in the pavillion (resembled a small airport hanger- though, clean and cool). while moving through there, I was able to say hi to (((((Mazz, Woz,Beth R, Lee, Christine))). It was a coincidence that the guy in line in front of me was Kya! I knew his face but wasnt sure from where til he reminded me we were in line (for like an hour or so) together back in December! Yeah, he was in front of me there too. :o)
I couldnt believe that by the time I got inside that there would be any room upclose but lo and behold! One last good little spot on the rail. Ahaha- by the guys with the dvd recorders, yet again! My rail neighbor was a tall fellow name Josh. It's been a few shows since Ive been at the rail. It was great to be there along the Bobby sightlines again. Not that we really think he knows who is in the shadows there while he's singing, but it feels personal when he looks around. Especially at a show like last night's when I'm there to forget everything but the moment I'm having.
The joy of it all!
I was situated early enough to enjoy the spirited set by Hot Buttered Rum! Scotto found me by the time their set ended. Which was followed by a 10 minute tribute to Chet Helms. During which((((AJ, Bill, Vadim,Charux))) were hard at work getting the Ratdog gear set up.
Tim & Linda came by to tell us about the award dinner. Can't believe I didnt know the award was happening there and not at the show! Tim and Linda were gonna watch the show from some sort of VIP seating backstage. It's been a long time since we've seen them. Glad they seem to be doing real well.
We cheered loudly as the band walked on stage and immediately we were drawn into the music. What a show!
I'll go find a complete setlist though for once, I can recall every song I heard-

From dot org:
6/9/2006 Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA
Jam > Help on the Way > Slipknot! > She Says > Liberty, Jack Straw > Book of Rules > Dark Star, Big Iron@, Victim or the Crime@, Way to Go Home* > Eyes of the World > Stuff+ > Come Together > Two Djinn > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower
E: Ripple
*-w/ a Flying Other Brother; +-w/ DJ Logic
First "Big Iron"; First "Book of Rules"; First "Way to Go Home"

Wavy Gravy was on stage and chatting away as Bobby looked on . After a bit, Wavy introduced Bobby who murmured something about waiting to see how long WG could talk for. Cute, funny.
Later, was excited when DJ Logic joined in on a jam. As he sauntered toward his ???instrument??? The various members of the band looked happy to have him there.
I'm sorry not to have been able to stay through the weekend to see DJ as well as so mANY OTHER BANDS AND MUSICIANS PLAY.
The guys all looked good and sounded terrific. All had their own moments of greatness. Robin had a wonderful solo, Bobby just stood watching and grooving to him. Robin's smile beaming back at Bobby was priceless!
That was splendid to see! Just saw now that last night was Robin's 200th show!! YAY !! Robin!!!!!!!

S & I had a great show! The guys are tops in their singing (harmonies) and soloing and altogether everything.
It was an endorphinfest from start to finish for us both.
Before playing 'a long way to go home', Bobby said it was "For a fallen friend"

I was astonished and excited to hear "Book of Rules" It's been forevvvver!
And a Ratdog 'Big Iron'!!!

Aw look another video!
Click here! BOR!
Ended too soon for me but there was no time to hang around afterwards. Hadda get Scotto home as he's got a long day at work which will be followed by an evening to be spent at the hospital trying to be of some use to his sister and her family as our nephew struggles along.
Our only disappointment in the evening was not being able to be there to cheer on as Bobby received his award.

Ja>.Help video click here
I see someone has posted a video of Long Way to go home-
Let me find that link-
Here we go-click here!
And Big Iron Here!