Monday, June 19, 2006

It's time to sign up for Fantasy Ratdog setlist!
The link at the right ->
Should take you to the org homepage which is where you can click into Fantasy Dog!
My modem is having issues so my online activities are kinda spotty til the cable guy gets here.
Still I managed to get myself set up with tix and flights and all that stuff for my journey to get to the Phoenix Ratdog show!
This travel stuff is nearly as addictive as listening to Ratdog. I'll be getting some Ratdog in San Luis Obispo this week too!
I've been slowly moving the photos on my Mac Homepages over to my "i Site", which is another Mac product. I have barely enough patience to figure it out. Today Ive added some stills from Ratdog in Canterbury 2003 over there. I'll be adding more of the UK tour there soon.
The link for that is also on the right side- the "i pages"