Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday!! FRIDAY!! FRIDAY!!

I'm dazed by the heat but happy.
At last some hope for our nephew. A week ago, we almost lost him to Leukemia but he hung in there and continues to battle on. Finally, he's doing a bit better!
Help on the way indeed.
We are very thankful to everyone who has sent vibes.
Last day of teaching was Wednesday. I'm gonna miss my 30 little best pals but it's interesting to have an entire Summer ahead. Not sure what to do with all the upcoming free time? Still gotta run a ton of errands and make sure the kids are all set for camps and Summer school.
I received my hearty stipend from the teaching fellowship I was involved with this year.
Will I spend it to go to see Ratdog in Phoenix is the question?
I found an intriguing and helpful website called TUNETRIPS! or go to:
I enjoy doing my own planning and scheming but must admit the flights feature on that site was quick and good place to start- I keyed in Phoenix to do a quick price check. You find the band you wanna go see and fill in the blanks and Tune Trips pulls up the info.
I'm waiting excitedly for the Harmony Ratdog set to be available to download from Munckmusic and Disc Logic!
While waiting on that, here are 2 sites with pictures from the Harmony gig! Enjoy!
HarmonyDog pix here
Harmony Dog pix coming very soon to this website
Don't know why the links are working here? But, there are the url addies for the pix.