Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Coming Up!

From the Pop Beat section of Sunday's pinkie:

"Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead will receive a lifetime achievement award Friday at the North Bay Music Awards, the North Bay's answer to the Bammies. The Norbays are part of the opening-day festivities at this year's Harmony Festival, which takes place Friday through Sunday at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa. Weir's current band, RatDog, will perform at the festival on Friday night. Cake is headlining the main stage Saturday. Michael Franti is headlining on Sunday. Go to to see the complete lineup."

Well I went back and forth over going. The daughter's last day of school, all the stuff I NEED to do/finish before my school year ends. The fact that Scott works Saturday and Sonoma is a couple hours North of home..then there would be a bunch of traffic from SF thru San Rafael thru Santa Rosa.....Scotto kept bringing home stuff about the fest from his musician friends...but still, I want sure.
Then the realization that it would be okay to go hit me. Scott is more than willing to deal with traffic and the impending exhaustion he will suffer from early Saturday when he has to return to SF. So it's settled. We will be there!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait!!!