Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Finally my internet connection seems solid!
It hasnt been quite right in about a year.
First the difficulty was not having the Mac connected correctly to the modem. How was I suppose to know that Mac's only use ethernet cables to modems? Then, the weak signals have been interfering with connections. Today's cable guy decided that the cable for the TV was in the modem and the cable for the modem has been in the TV...Confused? Yup me too!

I poked around on Technorati and found nice reading/ browsing material from other people's blogs.
First is a nice review of a Ratdog show atwww.notio.com
and the other is a blog for a drum company that had a visit from Jay a little while back.
I still don't know which of my Links are working. Guess will see if that one did?