Thursday, March 30, 2006


RatDog, STS9, Cake and Spearhead Confirmed for Harmony Festival

For the first time in its 28 year history, Santa Rosa, CA’s Harmony Festival will offer camping this spring. Taking place from June 9-11, the multi-day gathering will feature performances from RatDog, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Cake, Michael Franti and Spearhead, New Monsoon, Ozomalti, Hot Buttered Rum and Aphrodesia, among others. In addition, the Harmony Festival will feature a variety of speakers, an eco-village and a selection of local wines and microbrews (this is wine country after all).
Very excited for the Seva thing!
I'm donating a couple of handcrafted (silent auction) items and looking forward to enjoying Bobstar and the Doggies in the wonderful BCT!
Thinking of Wavy triggered the "Did we sign Sash up for camp yet?" reflex..Now she's all signed up for 4 weeks @ Winnarainbow. Couldnt get Noah to go but he did consent to a week away at computer camp (go figure?) . He is (as we used to say) stoked! Now, it's just hoping that nome of the camp dates interfere with possible Bobbydog summer events!
Okay, why did I come in here?
Oh yes- Thinking of Mr Gravy-Here is an excerpt from today's Leah Garchik column:

Culture vulture Hugh Romney, who went to see the Alexander Calder show at SFMOMA the other day, was bothered that the mobiles "didn't mobe.'' So Romney, who sometimes uses a walking stick to ease his own mobility, waited until a guard's back was turned, then thrust his cane upward in order to nudge one of the works. And mobe it did.
The guard, however, "seemed to have eyes in the back of her head,'' Romney told me, and quickly approached, muttering into her walkie-talkie. Four or five more guards closed in, and then a supervisor descended upon him, too. He gave them his name, and meekly promised not to do it again, at which point they let him continue his visit.

He didn't want to offer his membership card, Romney told me, because that has his other name on it: Wavy Gravy. He was in mufti that day -- no clown shoes, his nose in his pocket -- because he was on his way to the Elvis Costello show.

Gravy marks turning 70 with a fundraiser for his beloved SEVA at the Berkeley Community Theater on May 20. The roster of performers includes Linda Tillery, Mickey Hart, Gillian Welch, RatDog and Bob Weir.