Friday, March 31, 2006

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3/30/2006 Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, NY
I: Jam > Here Comes Sunshine > The Music Never Stopped > Queen Jane Approximately, Shade of Grey, Picasso Moon, Tuesday Blues > Iko Iko
II: Jack-A-Row@4, Masters of War@, Victim or the Crime@, Dark Star*, Little Red Rooster* > All Along the Watchtower* > Stuff*, Black Peter > Dark Star*, Two Djinn
E: Johnny B. Goode*
-w/ Al Schnier; Stuff - Jeff/Jay/Robin/Mark/Kenny(+Al) Previous "Tuesday Blues" 2002-10-14
Happy Anniversary to Caffe Trieste!

I don't know if I ever put this pic of Mr Gravy and I on here before?
It was taken on Columbus Street in SF...right by one of my favorite Italian Pastry places.1994 or 1995?- I'm guessing based on my favorite maternity dress. After having spent the whole day going across SF -visiting all the different Ben & Jerry's with my friend RG- in hopes of a Bobby sighting (it was Celebrity Scoop day!), Scott, & Neal (RG's husband) met up with us for dinner in North Beach.
After pasta, we bought espresso & pastries and were sitting down at an outdoor table just as Wavy was drifting down the street. How about that timing? He mightve been coming from the Ben and Jerry's that no longer exists on Columbus..I don't remember but he was beautifully dressed and on his way to meet Jahanara - the rose he was holding was for her.
He wasnt in a hurry and hung with us for a little while. We shared some of our pastry with him and he posed with us for a few photos.