Thursday, March 16, 2006


The adventure begins tonight for all who are going!
For us, at home, we look forward to hearing the details and adding up our fantasy points!
We poke thru google and the message boards in hope of articles & interviews
Every night on tour is one night closer to the band coming back here!
We then keep our eyes and ears open to find out which member is playing locally.
We use the $$ we didnt spend on tour to buy better benefit seats, we can use that expenditure (or not) as a tax deduction.
And then the wait begins to see when the next tour begins and where we might be able to travel to.
It's a variation of a cycle but its pleasing!

From Rolling Stone:
Biography: JERRY GARCIA, an episode profiling the prolific life of the late GRATEFUL DEAD guitarist, premieres March 21st on the Biography Channel. The special features interviews with bandmates BOB WEIR, MICKEY HART and lyricist JOHN BARLOW, among others. The network will also re-air its profiles of ERIC CLAPTON, JIMI HENDRIX and NEIL YOUNG throughout that week.

Despite rumors of closing, Ratdog will be playing in the Danbury venue.