Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm not exactly sure what it means but Bob Weir and Ratdog are listed on Vh1 Classic "featured tours" page

I was vegging out -at last away from the mac and enjoying a Pink Floyd (Money is indeed a hit) thing on VH1 Classic (We have a few vh1s on our cable) and before I knew what was going on, the Vee Jay (are they still called that?) started talking about the Ratdog tour , promoted the Weir Here cds and then WOOF! There were the guys doing omsn. I saw the program they had with song & interview a few months back but didnt know they were showing the video any more? I guess that's how they feature their featured tour bands.

No I'm completely sober and straight..

and someone called Shibbyboyka pointed out that if you scroll down on the main VH1 page, that you can find A photo gallery with some shots of Ratdog in it.