Monday, August 27, 2007

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Easily, the highlight of the weekend was being at the premiere of " Chasing Gus' Ghost" ton Saturday at the Roxie in SF.
It's documentary about Jugbands, Jugband musicians such as Noah Lewis & especially about Gus Cannon.

Great stories behind a few songs the Grateful Dead covered.
Many fine musicians were interviewed including Bobby Weir, Grisman & one of my favorites- Maria Muldaur.
in one part of the movie, the filmakers go to the Minglewood from the song New Minglewood Blues to check out what made it worth wring a song about.
Bobby shares a line from the old Jugband version that I know I never heard before.

A good documentary- I feel like I just took a semester's worth of Jug Band history.

I'll be back to write more on this later today. We had a great night and really enjoyed the film.
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