Friday, August 31, 2007

From Deadnet:

Bob Weir: Norway '07!

Completists will want to start looking for a copy of Bob Weir's latest musical appearance, as reported to us by our exclusive Norwegian correspondent, Peter Aas:

Last Saturday (8/25), Petter Olsen, billionaire philanthropist, organic farmer and Dead Head, arranged a private "Summer of Love Revisited, 40 Years After" festival at his estate just south of Oslo, Norway. Petter had invited Bob Weir over for the party as his private guest and Bob flew over right after his tour finished in NJ last Wednesday. We convinced Bobby to join the local tribute band, The Deadaheads, on stage and he finished their set with "He's Gone" > "Truckin'" > "The Other One" > "Not Fade Away" > "One More Saturday Night." The crowd had no idea that he was there and went bananas when he came on stage.

Thanks for that report, Peter! Sounds like a good time was had by all. Who knew that Oslo had a Dead tribute band? We ARE everywhere!

And this came from TooBoard:

Pictures can be found at



Ramme Rokke Festival 25.08.07:

Jack Straw
Friend of the Devil
Eyes of the World
Scarlet Begonias
He's Gone-> *
Truckin'-> *
The Other One *
Fade Away *
One More Saturday Night *

(* with Bob Weir)

the whole story from the band:

OK, here is the DEADAHEADS' Bob Weir story (in a bit broken English).

The band played a gig last December in Oslo, and via some friends Peter
Olsen (the billionaire that owns the farm Ramme Gård) got a CD of our show.
One of the guys in the band "warned" us that Olsen was a deadhead, and that
we might get a gig at his farm this summer. In February we got a mail from
the director of cultural activities at Ramme, telling us that Olsen wanted
us to play. We said "cool", and in a way forgot about it for a few months.

During May it became clear that the gig would be a part of a one-night
festival, called Ramme Rokke Festival ("Rokke" has a double meanding, "Rock"
and the fish "Stingray"). The other bands would be "CC Cowboys", "Home
Groan" and the superb Neil Young cover band "Young Neils".

During our talks with the festival manager he once said that Olsen would try
to get Bobby over, something we quietly laughed at, and called wishful
thinking amongst ourselves. In June we got informed that Olsen actually had
dinner with Weir in New York (?), and we knew of another Norwegian, Morten
(the guy that tipped off with this story), also met Weir (we got a
nice picture of them, backstage in NY, June 14.). But we still thought it
was too far out to believe that Bobby actually would come to our gig, and in
a way we decided not to focus on it.

During the summer we finally found our keyboard player (hard to find someone
for that seat), and fooled back and forth with ideas for a setlist for

Then, a week before the gig, we got the call we did not expect. "Bobby is
coming as Olsen's private guest".

This certainly made the whole thing slightly more serious, but we were of
course thrilled as well. We planned (and planted) the idea that we would
love it if he came up for a OMSN. We thought it was a 50/50 chance, maybe he
would come up, maybe he wouldn't.

Then, after our sound check at Ramme last Saturday, we were hanging out and
he came walking over to us, handshaking everybody in the band, saying: "I
would love to come up and play with you guys". But he said he needed a

So we went up on the stage, gave him a guitar, and he made ONE preset on the
Line 6 amp he used during the gig. He had seen our setlist from before, and
said he would like to come on for He's Gone, but he was jet lagged, and
needed to take a nap.

So we went on stage at 4 pm, and played Jack Straw, FOTD, Eyes and Scarlet,
without seeing him anywhere. After Scarlet he all of a sudden
stood backstage, looking in at us, and we realized our dream was about to
come true...

The rest of the story (the sound) is hopefully available in a little
while. In respect of Bobby we feel a bit obligated to make sure that it
is OK to spread the soundboard recording. Allot of video was shot as well,
and we hope to make that available in not to long, as well.

That is more or less the story from our point of view. The truth is that we
have no idea how Olsen got him to Norway, but we know they had talks about
environmental issues, and that we owe both Bob Weir and Petter Olsen
everything for letting this happen.

A million (or even a billion) thanks to them both!

I'm collecting (via email but snaily could work I guess?) birthday messages & photos from Weirophiles to be put together
into a book (assembled by Apple).

It will get to Bobby by 10/16.
Send pix or a message or both to




"Chasin' Gus' Ghost" (, a documentary film tracing the history and influence of jug band music, premiered at San Francisco's historic Roxie Theatre on August 25th to rave reviews. A sold-out concert the following night at Great American Music Hall, featuring many musicians from the film including the previously announced John Sebastian, David Grisman, Geoff Muldaur, and Jim Kweskin and a surprise appearance by Maria Muldaur, wrapped up a memorable Jug Band Weekend (as declared by San Francisco's mayor) and the annual San Francisco Jug Band Festival.

The film will make its East Coast debut during the Woodstock Film Festival, to be held in Woodstock, NY from October 10-14th, 2007. The festival has played host to a number of influential feature and documentary films including Standing In The Shadows Of Motown, Spellbound, and Pieces Of April, since its inception in 1999.

"Chasin' Gus' Ghost", directed by Todd Kwait, explores the influence of jug band luminary Gus Cannon (voice narration by Taj Mahal) - a musician who helped shape American roots music and also inspired many other well-known, chart-topping artists such as Bob Weir (Grateful Dead) and John Sebastian (Lovin' Spoonful). All About Jazz's Samuel Chell called it "an absorbing movie capable of inspiring a whole new generation of ghost-chasers."

Find the trailer, a recent featured music pick on YouTube, at or