Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More about the closing of Sweetwater Saloon

Black Tie-Dye Ball

New Riders of the Purple Sage

and Special Guests Donna Jean Godchaux-Mackay and Mookie Siegel
Opening with Boris Garcia
Friday, September 14, 2007 • The State Theatre
220 N. Washington Street, Falls Church, VA 22046 • Tel: (703) 237-0300

6:30-8:00 p.m.

Drinks, Food, & Reception with Artists
and Silent Auction Opens

8:15 p.m.


Reception, Food and Concert Tickets: (All but $50 is tax deductible).
To order call 415-561-3135 or download the Ticket Order Form




* for limited number of premium seats
Hearty Finger Foods Include Delicacies from the Award-winning Washington, D.C. Restaurant Equinox

Concert Tickets Only: $20.00 in advance, $22 day of show available
through The State Theatre Box Office or 703-237-0300

For more information, call 415-561-3134

Bobby on Cassady
Lowell, MA.

A dot org post by "Dylanismyelvis" wrt Fenway Ratdog:

"I have to say as a lifelong Red Sox fan who now lives in Georgia, I felt very fortunate to be back in Fenway Park today, seeing Weir and the boys sing The National Anthem before The Red Sox' 3-0 victory over Tampa Bay. The band minus Bobby was hanging out behind home plate well before the pregame ceremonies commenced. They were all given Red Sox shirts and most were quick to put theirs on. Finally Weir made his way onto the field and chilled on the padded wall, first behind The Sox ondeck circle and then with his band mates behind home plate just in front of the seating area.

Weir even got a hold of a camera and snapped a few photos of his brothers in the Red Sox were given although he never donned his. Isn't he a Giants fan?? Those are the only people on the planet who think it's groovy that Barry Bonds broke The Great Hank Aaron's record, right?

Also Jay took his Sox shirt off immediately after they finished the anthem. Yankee fan??

I digress.

I thought the guys nailed it, most of The Sox fans I spoke to about it afterwards agreed excepting maybe a couple.

A great moment for me was just watching the band walk into the seated area of Fenway after they finished. Watching Bobby, a musician I've seen an embarrassing amount of times, take in this historic stadium in which I have watched so, so, so many games was pretty darn cool. Isn't it great when separate worlds come together like this??

Oh yeah, and Tim Wakefield pitched a brilliant game - didn't allow a hit in the first six innings in fact....

Was anyone else there?

Kimock chatted with me briefly through the screen and told me he was gonna wear his Sox shirt onstage soon, so you Sox fans on tour with this band better hold him to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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