Monday, March 19, 2007

Penn's Peak weekend review by dot.orger, "Excited to be here" (great screen name!)

Excited To Be Here
Dedicated Bonehead

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 6:02 am Post subject: Penn's Peak, St. Patrick's Day show (Review and Perspective)

Okay, I had to write a review because not only was this a GRATE show, but the people and the music and the venue is what made the whole weekend a St. Patrick's Day that will be long remembered.

So, the weekend starts off decent enough. Lazygate, Shadowboxer, and Brother Esau. Show up at the house, pick me up and we are off. We are talking and laughing on the way up. Suddenly one of the guys, mentions two and tickets. My heart jumps into my throat and I lose the color in my face. I left my ticket at home! We spring into action work it out and we turn around and meet my wife near the closest exit to the turnpike and get the ticket. (Thanks Honey!)

Whew! Anyway, get there meet up with Jammin John, Jenbanana, Benny, PJDeadhead, Sugar Magnolia, and many others (sorry bad memory ) We then pack up and head out to dsaob45's and Partly Cloudy's (Sabo's house) for the pre party. Saw PA Tom, Spinning Daisy, Weedtard, Sugarmag420, justval, Katie Mae, Nag Champa, cumberland jimmy, dead to the head, and again too many to mention.

Miss the first band that opened up for The Delaware Rag in Sabo's basement but the Delaware Rag was just phenomenal. How many times can you say you have heard a Bluegrass version of "Girls" by the Beastie Boys!! That and "Psycho Killer" by Talking heads were awesome. Very good band and would love to see them again. Thanks PJ Deadhead for the Irish Carbomb, and Cumberland Jimmy for the tortalini soup!

Then to the lot we go. Breath-taking view from the top of Penn's Peak of the surrounding valley and with the snow on the ground makes it even prettier. Poor lovable deadheads still in the snow and cold selling tye-dyes and glass and posters and a very valiant attempt at a Shakedown Street, but just too effing cold for it. Get into the Venue and it is a sight, just a huge ceiling that is wall to wall, floor to ceiling in beautiful pine. Just gorgeous. Ran to the restroom and then ran over to the Merchandise table as George was selling the last two shirts with Lazygate's design. Bought the very last one in the box and even the display shirts we claimed! 500 shirts total sold before the performance from both nights. Lazygate, you are the man! Meet up with Sugar Magnolia and PJDeadhead for a quick shot of Jack and we find a place in the venue.

And so, to the performance itself. Well you can never go wrong with a Jack Straw. With Bobby's opening lines of "We can share the women, we can share the wine!". The crowd responds with and uproar and we are off. (as am i by the way! ). Memphis > Supp > Memphis into Birdsong was just great jamming. Mark was completely on point. Odessa and Shade of Grey was just perfect. Then my song! Tennessee Jed! On St. Patrick's Day! I was off to the moon! Followed Mark into the wormhole on his spiraling solo with the band feeding him well. Lazy River and Big RR finish off a AWESOME first set.

After the smoke break, back in and settled to Bobby Mcgee and Hard Rain with Robin on the stand up electric. Great stuff. Even So, Oct Queen, The Deep End, and Tomorrow never knows is a bit of a blur for me. But, kept me rapt with attention and blissfully surrounded with phenomenal Jams. Then Mississippi Half-Step whips everyone into a frenzy, but Bobby saves everyone's energy with a very, VERY good Dear Prudence. All just to slam into One More Saturday Night! Which of course drives everyone crazy and bones are shaking and girls are twirling everywhere. The encore with At A Siding, and Terrapin Flyer (good call Tim) were good but left me with a "hmm feeling" and would have liked something more, but very grateful of what was givin'.

Nice to meet Sambarain, A Ratdog, Ran, Chris, sjerbobphl, weireverywere, Ratdogsal, after the concert. There were more, but, well, you know why I can recall!

Back to the hotel rooms for late night revelry of which some was caught on tape! Thanks Jammin John!

Thanks to all I met, seen before and saw again, and those good ole' folks that you see at every show. Tough for this family guy to get out, but I am definitely markin this one up for the ages!!

Thanks again, love you guys! We will do it again I am sure!