Monday, May 10, 2004

Okay- here's Katrinka's dnc post regarding the Seva benefit:

What a warm, wonderful ENTITLED HIPPIE LAMINATE evening in SF - and you didn't even need the lammie if you had dinner tickets and got in line early like we did. Woo HOO!

We were just hoping to be in position when they removed the tables - what a tremendous surprise when we found out the tables were staying!

Stella Blue was excellent because (imo) Pete Sears can sing it well, but more than that because of BARRY SLESS! - the Flying Other Brothers secret weapon. :-) Louie gave Barry a long stem red rose at the end of their set, thanking him for that wonderful solo in Stella Blue.

The Waybacks were even more fun than the last time I saw them. I loved it that they played a full set before Bob Weir joined them, and then they played another set with Bob!

Bird Song was beautiful, and a fine Cassidy to follow.

Must admit to being a little distracted by the drama down front, though - - - between the lady in red who seemed determined to pull a Salome routine in Bob's face before the night was over, and then the step-dancing guy in the stripe shirt who'd go shuffling across and back to the call of his own private piper.

So what was the song we all sang at the end? - oh yeah, Like a Rolling Stone. That was pretty good, everyone screaming the lyrics to the chorus. But wasn't there a Beatle tune in there, too, a little earlier? Hmm - think I'll go check out and see if anyone posted a setlist.