Sunday, May 23, 2004

Last night was so much fun!!!!

Here's Dr Randy's detailed review of the evening!

drrandy - 11:41am May 23, 2004 PDT (#2568 of 2577)

What a great time last nite. I got into SF a bit late, at 9 pm (show started at 8) just as the big KFOG annual KABOOM fireworks show over the Bay was beginning. Even though DNB is my fav band these days, I'm a sucker for fireworks so didn't go in til after the fantastic fireworks finished. Got inside just as Bobby took the stage to join the DNB- they did a sweet Wheel into a rockin' Cumberland to end their set, with Barry on pedal steel.

The Flying Other Brothers played 3 or 4 tunes on their own )with Pete Sears and Barry Sless) before Bobby came out to join them to sing Friend of the Devil, Masterpiece, Cassidy and Desolation Row- all very nice, with Barry on pedal streel, except, I believe, on electric for the Cassidy, which was really fine. Then Warren came out on slide and sang a sizzling Sugaree, followed by them playing Aiko and One More Saturday Nite. Then the Flying OB's lead singer said now we have a specail treat for you to end the set and Pete Sears started to sing Stella Blue. A woman standing near me clse to the stage by Pete loudly said, as he sang the first lines "No, don't do it, No, don't do it, I really mean it, you sound terrible, I've gotta get out of here" which was a little distracting, but I knew what she meant- Stella is the one Jerry song that seems almost sacred to me- I appreciated it when P&F did it instrumentally with Kimock. Pete a has a plain and sincere voice, but he is not a great singer and he voice was wavering and a bit flat, but it wasn't about that- Barry played a nice if unspectaclat first solo on pedal steel, but the whole reason for doing the song was the ending jam which was a prolonged ABSOLUTELY STUNNING duet between Barry on pedal steel and Warren on slide, trading licks and then playing on top of each other- BREATHTKINGLY BEAUTIFUL. It was great to hear how well Barry and Warrwn played with/off of each other, and I imagine I'm not the only one there who was thinking how great it would be to see these two play with the Dead (I don't dislike Jimmy, but since 97 or so I've been hopijng and praying to see Barry Sless playing wiht the band- would love to see David Nelson and Mookie play with them too). After that, they added on a Goin' Down the Road.

There was another break, then an "all-star jam" with rotating players with Somebody to Love sung by the woman who organized the ebay auction for Spencer, Like a Rolling Stone sung by the FOB lead singer and David Friedberg, and The Weight. A good time was had by all. I hope the woman who said "I gotta get out of here" stuck around for the Stella jam...