Sunday, May 09, 2004

A Brilliant Birthday Bash!
Benefit for the Seva Foundation
The Great American Music Hall
San Francisco

Wow! I wasnt sure what to expect since one could choose either $200 or $60 dinner tickets. The higher priced tix earned karma points but not reserved tables..with the exception of Dr Larry Brilliant's table, it was whoever got there when they got there that chose where to sit- they gave us reserved table cards when we came in and we then chose our table by putting our reserved cards on them.
Scotto and I and a bunch of Deadnetters and Ratdog.orgers were first in line to get in and so naturally gravitated to the very front. Scott and I chose the table not quite DBC but just one to the side of DBC. Easywind & friend and Karina sat with us. I felt bad that Tim and Linda didnt come out. They had purchased the $200 tix but had burnt themselves out at Kimock & DSO during the previous week, so sold their extra Karma tix for $60 each. If they had known for sure that they'd get to spend the entire evening siting 'ringside' they might've come.Oh well! The show did sell out of dinner tix so they had no probs selling.
Anywaze, here's a quick post I left over at DNC. I need a little rest- got home late..had to get up early to meet the folks for Mother's day breakkie- fun but now I'm wiped out-gonna go put my old hippy tee & jeans and relax for a while-lots of funny little incidents last night, too...Sadly though, I spoke with one of the AJs(Ratdog crew) and also a rather imbedded taper and sounds like no Eurodog in Sept (ouch)
okay, here is my Deadnet post-
((Graceful, katrinka,Louie, Karina, Easywind, twirlgirl, Mazzy, Vera, Dave & Laurie, tahoe Julie & everyone!)))) It was so much fun!
Emory Joseph trio were fun- the one guitar player was a little "school of rockish" but in good spirits...Flying Other Brothers greatly improved since I last saw them...Pete Sears played and sang a nice Stella Blue-IMO,
The Waybacks were terrific and Bobby was did awesomely with them-will let Maz expound on the experience...
They ended up leaving the tables alone- so most of us -came for dinner ended up at tables on the rail...All the usual suspects were there.
Easy Wind & friend, Karina, Scott and I had a table in the first row of tables a bit to the side of Bobby...
Dinner was buffet and included complimentary wine & beer. Upstairs was where the silent auction tables were..was relieved to see someone finally bid on the folk smoker I made....Lots of fun milling around..Bonnie Raitt was around and about but didnt play. On the scene were Dennis McNally and Susana, Calico, WavyGravy, Sandy from Rex plus dozens of familiar faces....
Dr Larry Brilliant was the guest of honor , he did a quick little speech which included a comic plea to the audience to be gentle (or something like that) to his friends from the presedio golf club who were filling a few tables in the center of the room.

Okay, Gonna rest and will post more on show later!