Monday, May 03, 2004

Aha! Finding out just weir Bobstar was over the weekend! Helping his buddy Sammy Hagar open up a new fun spot inside of Harvey's casino in Lake Tahoe- The Taho Wabo? Here's the setlist which was posted at Sammy Hagar's website:

May 3rd 2004:

Tahoe Set List:

Acoustic Set:One Hour
1.Connection-with Ronnie Montrose-(Stones cover from Paper Money
2.Right Now-With the Waboritas
3.Cantcha See-Toby Keith
4.Sweet Home Alabama-Toby Keith
5.Great story about meeting Bob Weir. Got drunk and stoned and almost
backed his car over a cliff
6.Take the load off Fanny. with Bob Weir
7.Knockin' on Heavens Door-with Bob Weir,Toby, and Johnny.
8.No Excuses-with Jerry Cantrel
9.Finish What Ya Started-with the Waboritas.

15 minute break.

Sammy and The Wabos:One Hour Forty Minutes.
1.Marching to Mars
2.Stand Up and Shout
3.Sympathy for the Human
4.Shaka Doobie
5.Standing on Top of The World
6.Best of Both Worlds
7.Star Spangled Banner-with Ted Nugent
8.Kluster Fuck-with Ted
9.Route 66-with Ted
10. High N' Dry Again
11.Half Way to Memphis-duet with his son Andrew
12.Man in The Box-with Jerry Cantrel and Billy Duffy
13.Wild Thing-Ted,Jerry, and Billy
14.Mas Tequila

Encore: Bad Motor Scooter