Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Seva stuff
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Here are photos from the SEVA Benefit taken by Binki (as she is known over at Deadnet.com

Eventually you ought to find the picture of Binki, Graceful Dead (she's another Deadnetter) and I surrounding Bobby...and he's smiling-unlike the picture Tiny Dancer and I took with him in England.

Okay, there are several colorful reviews of the entire Seva benefit over on Deadnet http://hotline.deadnetcentral.com/WebX?50@109.cfXgaJx2e1y.0@.4a8540c4/152
and if you scroll down here, the entire setlist is copied (thanks to Linda for sending it to me).

The Circle of Compassion entitled us to 2 event posters- each numbered (we have 120/ 600 and 121/600) and signed by Wavy Gravy. They are purple and have the eyes logo. Nice! When we went to a side table to pick up the posters, we each then received a laminate-ready for wear with the cord and clip. These were needed to get into the post show reception at The Down Town restaurant which is located up a block from BCT on Shattuck.
Our seats as I probably mentioned were row J which turned out to be quite close up! And probably due to Linda, we were right on the aisle-DBC as in Dead Bobby Center! It wasnt til Steve Earle was on stage that Bobby was visible, sitting at the back of the stage with Bonnie Raitt and another friend. Until the Dead came on the highlights for me were Hamza's one song with Mickey and the Jackson Browne with Bonnie Raitt pairing.
Finally, after setbreak, after the bagpiper played, our guys took the stage.. I was so excited,it took until about the 3rd song before I noticed Joan Osborne was missing. I have been listening a lot lately to her 'Days Between' from the Shoreline Dead show (Sept.03) and was looking forward to hearing more like that from her. Maybe New Year's then, I guess? It turned out fine though- more singing from Bobby! Bobby sounded fine and things were moving along and then they did a DarkStar that went into eyes of the world and somewhere in the middle of that, the show spun into that old timeless delirium phase...we all were dancing and smiling...The Dead's encore/last song was "Not Fade Away"..Wavy Brought out a bunch of people and some of the artists (no Dead members) for a song..I would need to peek at the setlist to remember the name but it was a bit familiar, I think my kids sang it at Camp Winnarainbow.....
Everyone poured out of the BCT..We found Graceful . We trekked over to the restaurant, flashed our lammies and entered. Foods that looked delicious were available on a buffet table..The place was well lit, clean and snazzy, a piano was being played in the corner. The grouplet of us hovered near a waiter's station as there were only a few small cocktail tables and they all were taken. After awhile, Mickey Hart popped in. Graceful went over to chat with him.
The restaurant had large windows all along the street. As conversations were taking place around me, I sort of drifted in thought and observed through the big windows a man walking toward the restaurant. With his shiny,swingy hair, sweater and leather coat he looked as though he stepped right off of an album cover. I teased Graceful- "Watch the door, Your next boyfriend is coming in!" She turned to see what I was talking about and with perfect timing, in He walked . Okay, so maybe that's an old joke - but it's not everyday one can do that and have Jackson Browne appear.
Tim and Linda took off for their home in Petaluma, just missing the arrival of Bobby! Graceful went over to chat with him. I stuck with Scott, afraid of embarassing myself. I was quite content to peep at Bobby from
behind the plant that was stationed atop the waiters station. Graceful came back and encouraged me to go say hello..So, I went with her..Bobby was wonderful..I managed to not fall at his feet or hyperventilate, I may have even squeaked out a word or two, I think I stole a hug (poor guy). A few people were now waiting for a go at Bobby. Binki's Rob had the camera in hand and Bobby agreed to having a photo with us...I somehow ended back by Scott..He watched the whole scene and was laughing at my big wide grin (I'm still grinning!)...til he realized we had about 4 minutes left to get our car from the parking lot (closes at 2am)...We quickly said our good byes, bopped out to the street and ran through the rain getting to the garage just in time!