Monday, December 29, 2003

Did everyone have happy holidaze??!! Scott works almost nonstop these daze. The Ratdog dates are trickling out as slowly as possible. A friend who "knows things". Tells me that Ratdog will add a Los Vegas House of Blues gig to the upcoming shows...I went to see Ratdog there on December 26th-I think it was 2001? A great show. I was in Vegas for only 22 hours! It was the first time in a very long time (20 years!) that I travelled completely alone..Of course, once I checked into The Mandalay (the venue is in the hotel!) I was surrounded by Dogfreaks. Had a great time!

Its been quiet this week, no Bob sightings that I've heard of...Last night, I tagged along with Christine and Ben to go to The Avalon Ballroom to see Mark Karan sing and play with an assortment of musicians including Melvin Seals and Bobby Vega that call themselves "The Avalon Allstars". Christine is a few years older than I am and indulged me with her tales of "Back in the day" when she was a teenager and going to see the Grateful Dead in St Michael's Alley and the Fillmore.
This was best to my recollections, my first time at the Avalon...It is pretty, clean with a fancy ceiling and carpeted floor. The Allstars came on sort of late- I don't wear watches but Ben said it was about 10! Lots of jamming- to the delight of a mostly younger (school's out) crowd. Mark sounded great as did Melvin. Saw some of the people from and a few from plus all the usual suspects who don't (as far as I know) post but who never miss a show. It was a nice night!

Onward to Tuesday Night and NYE!!!!!!!!!