Sunday, December 14, 2003

For notes on The Bob Rob ACLU lunch show: Scroll down to earlier today's entry....
It already seems like a long time ago, but the SEVA Celebration was just last night...

Somehow, I managed to be ready to leave by the time Scott was home. Usually, it takes me forever, usually it's always that one shoe that is never where it should be which causes me to freak out at the last minute and have to change what I'm wearing- last night, I decided it doesnt really matter what I'm wearing and cut about 40 minutes out of my precious primp time....
As we were cruising across the San Mateo Bridge - we phoned Tim & Linda to remind them to leave our tix at will call. They were coming from the North Bay and were on the Richmond bridge when we spoke to them. We arrived in Berkeley at the same time. They directed us right to the parking spot .
The first people we ran into were Scott's cousin's girlfriend and her mom- they hadnt heard Bonnie Raitt was going to be there and were thrilled to find out.
Inside, it was a big ole love fest- at every turn was another familiar face...(((((Ben! Gwen! Mr Decker (my son's 1st grade teacher!) Katrinka, Dotty,Shady,Reisha,Jerry,Julie, Dave and well, the list goes on and on!!!) We picked up our special posters (numbered and signed by Wavy Gravy) and our post reception lammies. Then it was off to find out exactly where row J, seats 1,3,5& 7 were.
Absolutely Dead Bobby Center is where they were! Directly in front of me was the guy who works for Grateful Graphics- He saw Scotto was wearing the "Grateful Dad" shirt I bought from him at The Marin Music Festival and gave me stickers!!!
Will be back later with more of a report- am needed elseweir around here at the moment...check back 'kay?!