Monday, December 22, 2003

Saturday was a major black out- This morning was an earthquake-I felt the house shift a teeny bit, while the dog barked and thought maybe I was dizzy but then noticed the shutters waving...Argh, tomorrow the rain starts up again! Somehow, I will make it to both the Oakland and San Francisco airports. Jase is an adult and can get himself on his flight. Sash is just a girl, I will need to park and go through check in and the security lines with her..Why my mom decided to put them on separate flights out of 2 different airports is beyond me .With the Terror Alert so high, this should be quite an adventure...They better have a great time!!
December is always the craziest month!!
I might have to do some flying around myself soon- Look what was found online today!!!!

Ratdog at the House of Blues in Anaheim on 2/23. Tix seem to be on sale:

And, ratdog at 4th and B in San Diego onb 2/27