Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So a teeny comment made by one of Leah Garchik's spies got some response on the message boards...
today in Leah's column:


"Friendship - the kind of long-lasting comradely love that outlives differences and spats - is no joking matter. My spy, whose comment was lightly reported Monday, was wrong about the reasons the Grateful Dead will play together again.
They're going to Pennsylvania because they're all public citizens supporting Barack Obama, and Pennsylvania polls showed that voters were dead even there.
And if they tour together again, it's got nothing to do with financial need. The premise was false; no one's hurting. The Grateful Dead is "built on true love," says Mickey Hart, "and that thankfully has come around for us once again. You cannot make the kind of music that we do just for the money." Whatever split them up has been put aside, and they are "embarking on the next step of our long strange trip for the right reasons."