Sunday, September 28, 2008

Magnificent Seva Benefit- If Bobby was there he would've been the cake!
That said, I enjoyed the icing very much.
video report on Seva benefit
The GD was there in spirit. It was repeated a few times how the organization took off as soon as the GD played the very first benefit.
here is a clumsy review

It was a fine night!
I don't have the clearest memory rewind right now- sleep deprived all weekend
but here are my thoughts-

Graham Nash & David Crosby - iconic!
Jackson Browne's "Lives in The Balance" was inspiring. He sang a few songs from his new cd. I think he closed with "Doctor My Eyes" which he sang under the Seva logo.
Bonnie Raitt is amazing. Elvis Costello popped out to duet with her on 'Love Has No Pride" - so pretty!
Elvis Costello was the surprise guest- with his own solo set as well as sitting in with others thru the night.
Los Lobos came on last, which seemed a little late for the older crowd ( Baby Boomers outnumbering Generation X ).
At one point Lobos were joined by Jorma & Jack Casady but things fell in back into place when they played NFA & Bertha (where they were joined by others). Gotta love a Los Lobos 'Bertha". Anyone else still have the CD where Los Lobos and Elvis did Dead songs - Rainforest benefit?

Sweet setbreak stories by Wavy Gravy. Peter Coyote did some introductions as did Dr Larry Brilliant (I have had the biggest crush on that Dr Larry guy 4 ever! ) ...A nice nod was directed to Paul Newman, his humanitarian efforts & his Hole in the Wall camp by Wavy before the last song of the night-"Basic Human Needs" which was lead by Wavy.
Red foam clown noses were passed out to everyone to wear for this. Yes, we put them on and felt dopey. I took a picture of Scott wearing the nose with my cell phone...he looked Gacy esque...shudder!

We had circle of compassion seats which included a lammy for an after show party in the mezzanine.
There was food - lots of food (sandwiches-pastry-fruit-drink) and a chance to schmooze with others.
A nice chance to reconnect with friends.
Phil & Krista- if youre lurking- it was great chatting with you ((heady neighbors))
Wavy, John Perry Barlow, Susanna Millman, Minkin, Barry Sless were among a dozen familiar faces floating around the room.
I'm so easily starstruck! But I did find the courage to march over to say hello to Mrs Gravy, as I had been sent my kids to Winnarainbow for like 9 Summers. Scott remarked and I agree, Mrs Gravy looks great. Wavy too- looking to be in jolly good shape
We also were given a SWEET poster commemorating the night - guess I better go find a frame before it gets wrecked.
Happy 30TH Anniversary REX
SEVA supported programs and partnerships have helped three million blind people to see again!!!!!!!!