Sunday, September 14, 2008

Flashback: September 1978
Thirty years ago, those quintessential Americans the Grateful Dead rocked out at the Pyramids in Egypt. Max Bell recalls the Acid Test in the desert

Great little read over at

I'm having a little flashback (definately better than a hot flash) myself to September 14th 1994!
Happy Birthday to my "baby" Noah!
Today is his champagne birthday- though root beer is more his speed.

And yes, I've heard about that the Sweetwater Sessions! No news around with details of exactly who will be there . Since it was publicized exclusively on a Phil message board, I expect that it is a Phil & Friends gig. The shows sold out in about 10 minutes - no surprise as the Sweetwater Station is even smaller than the original Sweetwater Saloon. FWIW, a few weeks ago, I drove past the Sweetwater Saloon and it's nearly unrecognizable. The new location (just around the corner)looks nice though!