Monday, May 05, 2008

Trew said it first
"When in doubt, go to the show"

This guy named Scott (not my Scott) has a dilemnia-
Bobby at Red Rocks or Burning Man?
Do the right thing, Scott!

Martine Fierro Memorial jam, May 30th, 8pm to 12pm at
2b1Multimedia, 3075 17th Street, SF

Martine Fierrio Saxophonist with Zero, Jerry Garcia band and many others
has passed away. To Celebrate his soulful life and magical presence
their will be a memorial Jam on May 30th from 8pm - 12pm at 2b1
Multimedia Inc, 3075 17th Street, SF. Everyone is invited, friends,
family, musicians, the public etc. A $5 donation is requested to help
defray costs. Lets send him on his journey with fiery riffs and funky
sounds - Musicians wanting to play please contact me at 415 861-1520.

Let you friends know about the jam, Lets rock the house.