Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Like photography?
Live in NY?

Close Encounters: Irving Penn Portraits of Artists and Writers
At the Morgan Library, 225 Madison Avenue, New York,
through April 13. Call 212-685-0008 or go to

Here's an excerpt from a review on the show.
To read the entire article visit:

"Come the '60s, and Penn the classicist begins to experiment a bit. A young Edward Albee is all cigarette and eyelashes. Penn manages to make Rudolf Nureyev, in 1965, look like John Updike. But that's all right, since he also makes Updike, in 1970, look like Anne Tyler. A joint portrait of Big Brother and the Holding Company and the Grateful Dead, from 1967, conveys the slightly unnerving information that Bob Weir was prettier than Janis Joplin. In a 1964 portrait, Ingmar Bergman has his fingers over his eyelids, a rare Penn indulgence in gimmickiness. Conversely, Arthur Miller holds a finger over an eyelid, in 1983, and that does work (it's the way Penn lights the open eye)."