Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday 2 Hippie Bill!

Nice Fresh Show review!

mmm, cake!
Everything is about right in the weirld!
Ratdog tour has begun and you can get all the facts and setlists on the homepage of> link should be over there!
Pix of the show, including our one and only Mark Karan are up in the 'Community' threads .
I bet the energy was thru the roof as many of my friends trekked out to Minnesota to be there to welcome MK back after his beating Cancer. "Pretty much a miracle" indeed.
No photo proof but, dot orgers spotted Al Franken on the rail, reportedly rocking out.
Now that's a Purim to be remembered!!!

And a detailed review of the show can be found at-

Should Marin have a Hall of Rock? It would make sense- check out this article-