Sunday, May 20, 2007

Groovy video and mini interview from soundcheck on Earth Day!
If you look carefully, you'll see me smiling in the "crowd".
Some nice old photos in there too!
To see Bobby & Ratdog's Earthday on vid set go to
I'm excited, I ordered the show from Munck and the discs should be here soon!

Here's a link to an article on Summer of Love from same paper (my morning Chronicle)"

Another cool article on Summer Of Love is from this website in the UK.
Take a lookseeat,,2080206,00.html

Where was I the Summer of Love?
We lived in a pretty house in San Mateo.
I shared my room with Tippy, one of a string of foreign exchange students we hosted.
Tippy was from Thailand, very beautiful and very much into music. I can picture her doing her homework next to our massive hi fi. She listened to all kinds of music but mainly the Beatles . She turned my parents on to Simon and Garfunkel. When Tippy wasnt monopolizing the stereo, my folks would play HER S&G albums.
It was Tippy & her friends that took me to GGP to a free concert. I don't know which one or if it was the Summer of Love, but it was around then. I hated the music, I hated being cold. I was encouraged to wander around (probably so Tippy & CO. could get high) . I wandered by the motorcycles (Hell's Angels!) and one of them growled at me! Another snarled and snapped his teeth at me - I hated the free show in the park! I didnt make it back for another one until I was in high school in the 70's.