Monday, April 17, 2006

Those gosh darn Wimmawompas struck again!
Last night Sweetwater!
I'll find the setlist in a bit.
Yes, I figured my guy would be there...certainly plenty of Radiater Weir fans sent me reminders but Scotto was out seeing the dude from Pink Floyd at the Paramount..and I am still walking a few feet above the ground from The Beacon experience so it didnt hurt too badly to stay in. It was still raining and the kids were getting ready to return to school after vacation.
The mother was needed at home.
Anyhoo, I heard a great time was had by all who made it out to the show!

Via Mazzy @ Deadnet:
The Weema Wompa's Sweetwater, Mill Valley, CA - Easter Sunday April 16th, 2006

Holiday> The Lion Sleeps Tonight> Holiday Reprise, Bring Me the Head of
Isaac Newton, Lila, Long Hard Journey Home, Jesus On The Mainline, If I Had
Possesion Over Judgement Day (Martin joins in here through end of show),
Morning Dew, River Run, You Can't Always Get What You Want, Never Can Tell

The Mess Around, Zeke solo excerpt- I Did My Part> Find Somebody Gonna
Treat Me Right, Spoonful> The Lost Highway (Weir joins in here through end
of show) *Maggie's Farm>*Waiting for the Rain

*Not Fade Away> Mona> Not Fade Away

* w/ Bob Weir on guitar & vocals

Note to Paulyy- I'd like to see that picture someday!!!

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