Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm tired but supremely happy!
Perma smile is hurting my cheeks.
Let's start!
Scotto had to play 2 softball games last night. When he bought the tix, it was storming here and Scotto forgot to check his league's schedule. So we had 2 dinner tix waiting at the will call. To obtain tix purchased in another's name, I had to have Scott write me a note and bring a copy of his driver's license.
Though Kemmie already had a ticket, I wanted her to take my extra dinner ticket as the dinner ticket holders get their own line and first admittance into the venue.
Even though we didnt get to the city til after 7PM (doors open 7:30) Kemmie & I found ourselves to be the first people in the dinner line..and within minutes of getting into line, we were let into the empty venue. I went upstairs to the corner spot on the second balcony (stage right). Great views often used as a VIP section at some shows. Kemmie wasnt interested in dining and so made for the rail. I enjoyed a nice dinner and watched the spaces fill up.
I was surprised to hear that the show had SOLD OUT! Eventually other diners joined me on the balcony- Folk music fans.
Through the evening I got to see so many friends & Weir Freaks there! It was like a teeny SF Beacon experience!!
The lights went down and The Waybacks came on and heh, it was awesome. Sooner than you mightve figured, Bobby strolled on stage and the energy-already big-heightened significantly!

Setlist off Deadnet Thanks Graceful & Trinks

4/26/06 Waybacks with Bob Weir

From the Pasture to the Future
I've Been Around
In the Night
Jack Straw
Big Iron
Casey Jones
Major Sally>Tomorrow Never Knows
Petrified Man
The Weight
19th Nervous Breakdown>
Big River

The Blacksmith
Hot Kranski
Brown Eyed Women
Saint Stephen> High Green Chilly Winds>
Last Time
The New Orleans
Cumberland Blues

Like A Rolling Stone
Brokedown Palace

My photos suck but until the real photogs start posting, you can take a peek on my new homepages at:
My sad lil Weirbacks pix

An amazing night of music! The setlist tells half the story. I watched the floor and everyone was moving. Cheers from the audience were continuous. I loved every song but the Kashmir blew my mind. Bobby sang it! We all need to band together and find this show!
At setbreak I went down to see some friends - I was invited to join them for encore and when that time I literally flew down the stairs....with the help of some Stoly on the rox, my pulled muscle was pain free -the pulled muscle was the main reason I stayed up in the balcony- near chairs. But wasnt feeling any pain (a Weiracle!) through Like a Rolling Stone and Brokedown (a beautiful Brokedown ,it was too!). I was lucky and happy that no one in the area (by the rail on the side) had a problem with me being there. The energy was even more intense .
What a great night!