Monday, April 24, 2006

Thank You to Paulyy for this photo of Bobby and The Wimma Wompas! (AKA The Rads)!

I'm alive!
My modem broke and then I found out that I shouldve been connecting to the internet via an ethernet cord and not thru a USB wire. Apparently, there is no such thing as a modem that connects to an iMac via the USB. Even though that old modem did just that, it was time to move on to installing an Air Port Card and adding something called an Air Port Extreme to my ever growing collection of computer stuff. The happy part is that by doing things the correct way, I am now able to access my Macweb site. I spent a few minutes experimenting with it and look forward to no longer having to load everything up over at snapfish....The computer is no longer anchored to the modem. I can schlep this awkward thing all over the house and still get online yay!

The Talk of the Town! This link leads to an article on Bobstar and Donald Trump.