Monday, August 08, 2005


Still recovering from an epic weekend! The (dreamy) setting, the music (omigod!) and the people- FABULOUS! It was a total convention of Dogfreaks. We came from all over to be there and I think I heard there were about 6000 tix sold? Talk about yer Terrapin!! I fell in love with just about everyone I met..Friday night I think everyone on the rail was from DNC,DotOrg or TOOBoard.
(((Jen))) luv my magnet
(((Bud))) keep an eye on the mailbox.
Hugs that were sent home with me from across the Atlantic when I was there in July were delivered to assorted Mid Atlantic freaks.West coasters sent hugs to East Coasters and now I have a ton of East Coast hugs to deliver to my local Dogheads..
It's a good job being a Hug Courier!
Can't go on before saying that Mike and GlowyGirl are awesome people. They took real good care of me, so I hope at least one of you can make it out here next month, so I can even things out a lil?
The music!! Excellent ..We listened to the cds (bought em there) of both nights on our way from West Va. to Pennsylvania and then on to Newark. And wowza, these were good shows! Scott and I just listened to the "Come Together" from Sat. and yeah! Woof! Nailed it!
Hey, I gotta sleep (I barely slept much this weekend) and will add more tomorrow..