Wednesday, August 17, 2005

more Summer please!

I know-I know, I need to finish my report on the JGBB- I'm slowly getting there- I am adding when I can to the blogs..
A few
and pieces
for your perusal..

And has anyone heard of this guy?
Will I be able to get myself ready for another school year?
I don't know?
Both kids are starting new schools..and the big kid is likely moving out to Marin as he is getting placed in a bank over there very soon.
I start back to teaching in a few weeks...Still a Rainbow Bear & Sunflower teacher but this year I no longer will be working with Miss Bev..My new support teach is a very pretty young lady named Crissy. This might be her first year actually teaching-I don't know but I hope she won't mind listening to a lot of Bobby?
So nu? Letters from Winnarainbow..One reveals Ms. Sash already managed to injure herself..Something about walking into a branch (Stilts related I gather?) and something about a troup of African drummers performing for the campers. We already go to pick her up this weekend. She already starts school on Tuesday!
I liked it better when school didnt start til after Labor day...
I finally framed about 10 of my Chetfest posters...Now I just have to figure out how to safely hang them in the stairwell? I'll mix em in with some of the den posters so it won't feel too much like a Chet shrine...I only have one shrine and it's all Bobby.